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 Defending Criminal Cases Exclusively in Miami, Florida

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Throughout life, situations often arise that require the legal knowledge and experience of a professional criminal defense lawyer. Unfortunately, these situations are often some of the most difficult times in a person’s life and, as such, require a person who will be an aggressive legal advocate for the client's future. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, Miami criminal attorney Antonio G. Jimenez has the experience and dedication to see you through this difficult time. 

Total Concentration - 100% Criminal Law

Mr. Jimenez is passionate about criminal law; therefore, he exclusively practices law in the area that he is most zealous about: criminal defense

This concentration enables him to achieve successful results for all his clients through aggressive negotiation and effective litigation. An advocate who concentrates his practice can often achieve far greater results than an attorney who does not.

You need a lawyer who can ensure that your rights are defended and who has the experience to get you the best results. Mr. Jimenez understands that your future and your happiness often depend on the results of your case; therefore, he is dedicated to fighting for your rights.

Total Dedication & Personal Service

When you are charged with a crime, it is important to know that your lawyer is focused fully on your case—as your future gravely depends on the verdict and sentencing you may receive.

Mr. Jimenez understands the complexities that surround these cases. As such, he dedicates himself personally to each of his clients so they receive the one-on-one attention they deserve during these difficult and emotional times.

Former Miami Prosecutor

Criminal lawyer Antonio Jimenez, a highly respected former prosecutor in Miami-Dade County, understands how to successfully litigate criminal cases. His experience and extensive knowledge in this area of law have made him an accomplished lawyer with a proven track record. His successful litigation-based practice is dedicated to providing all of his clients with the legal representation they need to achieve a successful outcome.

Defending Miami Criminal Cases Exclusively

Most attorneys will take a case anywhere in Florida but you cannot develop a reputation and an understanding of the way the local justice system works without being in the same courtroom day in and day out. You should expect your lawyer to understand the local rules and customs. Every county in Florida has a State Attorney and they each resolve their cases as they see fit. If you are charged with a crime in Orlando, you are going to get a different sentence than if you are charged with the same crime in Miami. Mr. Jimenez only handles cases in Miami, Florida. As a former prosecutor in Miami, he knows how the court system here works. He knows the temperament of the local judges, the prosecutors and law enforcement. He knows what the likely outcome is for your case before you even step into the courtroom. This is knowledge gained from years of practicing criminal law in Miami. He has developed and maintained a strong reputation by going to court every day in the same jurisdiction. Don’t trust your case to someone with no understanding of how the system works locally or to someone that handles cases in multiple jurisdictions. Your attorney should focus on one jurisdiction and develop a strong familiarity with that jurisdiction.

Free Personal Consultation

If you or a loved one is charged with a crime, please be assured that Mr. Jimenez will be on your side through it all. For an assessment of your case, please contact him today for a free personal phone consultation. He will explain the entire process and what you should expect.

Antonio Jimenez is a criminal defense lawyer in Miami with extensive experience representing clients facing criminal charges.
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