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For everyone, there are times in life filled with change and uncertainty. During the difficult moments, we often turn to family or trusted friends to help us find our way. We count on their advice and care to help us make the important decisions that will shape our future. When these situations arise, they are often some of the most trying and stressful periods of our lives. In some cases, the consequences of our choices are not only personal but legal as well. If you are considering a divorce, concerned about your custody arrangement, unsure about your rights as a couple, or facing any other family legal matter, the stakes are high, and you need tenacious, experienced representation.

Antonio Jimenez concentrates his practice in divorce and family law and he understands the significant impact these cases can have on your future. Antonio is dedicated to providing highly personalized and effective service that helps every client meet their unique goals. During this understandably emotional and worrisome time, Antonio is here to aggressively protect your rights and offer the support you need to obtain the best possible outcome for your case. 

If you or someone you love is facing a family law issue, our experienced legal team may be able to help. Call our Miami office today to schedule a free phone consultation with Antonio and get started changing your life for the better.


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Divorce and separation can place an enormous strain on a family, making it difficult for parents and spouses to think clearly as emotions run high. Miami family law attorney Antonio Jimenez can help you protect your children by negotiating custody agreements, securing child support and alimony, determining paternity, and ensuring that your family has the financial support you need for the future.
A single moment can change the entire course of your life. If you are pulled over, arrested, or accused of a crime in Miami, you will need to act quickly to make sure your rights are being respected. Evidence against you may be unfairly obtained, and prosecutors will begin building the case against you within days of your arrest. Our Miami criminal defense attorneys carefully examine the facts of your case to determine the best way to protect your future.

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Antonio Jimenez is passionate about family law. If you need a family attorney, Antonio Jimenez will zealously fight for your rights and your children....

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Why Choose Us

With so much at stake, it is vital that you place your trust in the right representative. In order to bring our clients the best possible legal services, our law firm is committed to providing:

  • Local, focused results. Our law firm was founded on the principle of helping others. For this reason, Mr. Jimenez and Ms. Martinez-Scanziani practice exclusively in the two areas of law that they are most zealous about: family law and criminal defense. This concentration enables us to fully immerse ourselves in the laws that directly impact our clients, giving our clients the benefit of our knowledge and experience. We also work exclusively in Miami, Florida, allowing us an insight into the laws, penalties, and judges of a single jurisdiction.
  • Knowledge of the opposition. Mr. Jimenez formerly worked as a prosecutor right here in Miami-Dade County, giving him an insider’s perspective of how the opposition and the court system here works. Mr. Jimenez has developed a strong familiarity with this jurisdiction’s prosecutors and law enforcement, and he knows the temperament of the local judges. Our attorneys’ combined experience allows us to determine the likely outcome of your case before you even step into the courtroom, and we have achieved successful results for our clients through aggressive negotiation, as well as effective litigation.
  • Personal service. Whether you are facing a contentious divorce or criminal charges, it is important that your lawyer is focused fully on your case. Mr. Jimenez and Mrs. Martinez-Scanziani dedicate themselves personally to each of their clients, giving them the one-on-one attention they deserve during these difficult and emotional times. We understand that your future and happiness depends on the results of your case, and we fight for your rights and protect your interests as if they were our own.

While no one wants to have to settle family matters through the legal system, it can be necessary. The attorneys at Martinez-Scanziani & Jimenez Law dedicate their practice exclusively to family law and specific criminal defense matter. When you’re facing these difficult and significant moments in your life, we are here to provide the extensive knowledge, experience, and passion that can help you achieve your goals and begin the next successful chapter of your life.