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Uncontested Divorce Lawyer in Miami

If you and your spouse have decided to file for a divorce in Florida, then you will have a few options regarding how you choose to handle the process. The easiest and least-stressful option is to work towards an uncontested divorce. It is less expensive, more cooperative, and much faster than the second option: a contested divorce.

An uncontested divorce means that you and your spouse will work together before filing to finalize the divorce in order to agree on all of the major terms of your divorce. You may both choose to have a divorce lawyer present or may opt to hire a neutral mediator to help you through the complicated, and sometimes contentious, issues that go into agreeing to the terms of a divorce.

Whichever option you and your spouse choose, I can work with you to reach a fair and equitable outcome as easily as possible. My average time to have a couple divorced when all issues are settled is around two weeks.

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How Can I Have an Uncontested Divorce?

In order to have an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse must agree to all of the pieces of your divorce. This does not mean that you both need to agree on everything right off the bat, only that you need to be willing to work together to come to an agreement. This willingness to collaborate is very important.

What Are the Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce?

There are quite a few benefits to having a collaborative divorce, but below are a few of the main reasons that you should try this option before initiating a contested divorce:

Less expensive: During a contested divorce, you will have many meetings with your lawyer, a lot of court fees, and the possibility of many missed days of work. These all cost money, so when you do not need to go through a contested hearing, you can have a significantly smaller financial burden.

Faster: If you are able to reach an agreement with your spouse quickly, you will be able to finalize your divorce in three months or less, depending on how long the family court takes to process it. During a contested divorce, you will be at the mercy of the courts for each date set in your hearing and any possible motion hearings that draw it out longer. Moreover, you have little control over the speed of these proceedings.

More cooperative: A divorce is never an easy process, and it is expected that you and your spouse will get emotional while trying to reach an agreement on the terms of the divorce. That said, agreeing to find a common solution is a lot more collaborative than taking your disagreements to court, which can be extremely combative. Moreover, the emotional trauma of going through the contested hearing process can cause even more long-term damage between you and your spouse. There are times where couples are left with no option except a hearing, but if you can avoid this, then you will have a lot less stress throughout the process.

More control: When you leave the conditions of your divorce up to a judge, neither you nor your spouse is in charge of the decisions made about your lives. If you are able to reach an agreement through mediation and collaboration outside of court, then you can both be confident that you were each in charge of the decisions that were made, instead of leaving the decisions to an uninvolved third party. This may not be an issue for everyone, but many people would prefer to be in charge of their own divorce instead of leaving it up to a family court judge.

What Must We Agree On?

In order for you to manage a successful uncontested divorce, you and your spouse will need to agree on all of the major terms of your divorce agreement.

This includes issues such as:

Remember, it is not essential that you and your spouse agree on all terms regarding these factors at the outset. The important thing to remember is that you will need to agree to work through these issues outside of court. Once you have reached an agreement, you will then submit your divorce to the court, where a judge will review the terms and finalize it.

How Can I Help You?

Whether you need an uncontested divorce lawyer in Miami for mediation or representation through a collaborative divorce with your spouse and their lawyer, I will be happy to provide the family law services that best suit your needs. I have an extensive understanding of family law in Florida, and my services will be a great asset in getting you the outcomes that you want and deserve.

Contact me today at (305) 493-8280 to schedule an initial consultation, where you will be able to lay out the facts of your divorce, the unique issues between you and your spouse, and the outcome you hope to achieve. Once I am retained, I can begin working with you on your uncontested divorce proceedings and have you divorced in less than 30 days.