High-net-worth Divorce Attorney in Miami

All divorces have the potential to become contentious. When a couple has a high-net-worth, and there are significant or complex assets to be divided, the potential for extended conflict skyrockets. When this happens, the financial and emotional costs of the divorce go up as well. Such a scenario is profitable only for the attorneys involved; indeed, some unscrupulous attorneys may inflame conflict in the guise of “fighting” for their clients.

If you are facing the possibility of a high net worth divorce, you need an attorney who not only puts your interests first but understands the complexity inherent in a Florida high net worth divorce. Attorney Antonio Jimenez offers the experience and advocacy you need. With over ten years’ experience as a litigator and Florida family law attorney, Antonio has successfully represented numerous clients in high-asset Florida divorces.


High-asset divorce cases involve much more than simply identifying the value of a property and dividing it. Certain assets may have similar value on paper, but be more or less advantageous to be awarded in a divorce. For example, one asset might depreciate, while the other provides an ongoing income stream.

Some assets, like professional practices and other businesses, may be challenging to value accurately. Others, like art collections, may be difficult to assign a value to because they are unique. The cost of obtaining an accurate valuation from a professional on one-of-a-kind or complex assets may seem high, but it should be viewed as an investment in securing a fair division of property. Estimating the value of an asset, rather than getting a professional valuation, often results in a wildly inaccurate figure. Not only can this result in your receiving a property award that is tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars less than you deserve, but it can also affect other aspects of your divorce as well.

A number of payments that may be awarded in a Florida divorce (such as alimony, child support, and attorney fees) are based on one party’s ability to make payments to the other party. This ability to pay, in turn, is based on that party’s income and assets, including those assets awarded in the divorce. An inaccurate valuation can result in your being required to make alimony or child support payments, or payment for the other party’s attorney fees, based on assets you do not really have. Conversely, if you hope to receive alimony in your divorce or have your attorney fees paid by your spouse, an inaccurate valuation of property could deprive you of that help.   

Antonio maintains relationships with respected, trustworthy valuation experts who can help you receive the most accurate valuation possible of your marital assets so that you can achieve an equitable distribution of marital property in your divorce.


An accurate valuation of assets is critical, but that is only one factor in receiving a favorable outcome in a high net worth divorce. You must also have an attorney who is able to negotiate effectively on your behalf, and also to advocate for you in court in the event that negotiation does not result in the outcome you need.

Antonio concentrates his entire practice to family law, including high net worth Florida divorce. He understands that preparation and negotiation often yield the best results in a property division. As a former prosecutor with a Master of Laws in Trial Advocacy, however, he is an effective litigator and is unafraid to step away from the negotiating table and into the courtroom if that is what is needed to defend your interests.

Contact Antonio Jimenez to schedule an in-depth one-hour consultation and learn how Antonio can protect your rights, assets, and future in a high net worth Florida divorce.