What are your legal fees and do you accept credit cards and payment plans?

Miami attorney Antonio G. Jimenez charges a flat fee for all legal representation.  There is no hourly billing so you know your legal costs of front and are not surprised by a large bill halfway through the representation. The legal fee is dependent on the complexity of the case. After consulting with you over the phone, Mr. Jimenez will quote you a price for his services. For consultations in person there is a fee of $150.00 for a 30 minute consultation, which will be credited to your invoice if the firm is retained. All phone consultations are always free and have no time limit (within reason). Credit cards are accepted for all legal matters. Payment plans are available for all matters but the payment terms are dependent on how much you are able to pay upfront. Mr. Jimenez has reduced his fees from time to time for families facing severe financial hardship but can come up with a reasonable amount of money but nothing else. Contact Mr. Jimenez to discuss your particular situation today and he will work with you to ensure that hiring a family lawyer in Miami does not add to your stress.