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I am very happy that I hired Mr.Jimenez. He was extremely professional, straight to the point and fast.
My husband and I both agreed to get divorced, we do not have kids in common and were not fighting over anything material. So I went to lawyer Genilde Guerra who promised me she will divorce me in less than a month, but more than 4 months and $3,300 later and after feeling my case was being complicated so she can get more money out of me; I looked up in AVVO, saw the reviews and called Mr. Jimenez's office.
Was so impressed he called me from his personal phone and that the lawyer was communicating directly with me, not trough paralegals...he answered all my questions and told me he'll get me divorced in less than a month with a different strategy. Gave me a flat fee! (always look for that) and also payment plan.
And indeed in less than one moth I was officially divorced.
Excellent service, prompt communication and knowledge - highly reccomend Mr. Jimenez.

Featured Client Testimonial

Antonio is an excellent lawyer and I promised myself to take a moment to thank him in public for all the hard work he put into my case and I appreciate it so much. I will recommend you to everyone looking for a family law attorney. My experience with you was outstanding. You always picked up all my calls and answered all my questions and concerns. He even answered on Saturdays and that's a big plus!

– Walter Rodriguez, Family Law Client