How Much Does a Family Lawyer Cost?

Most family lawyers charge fees on an hourly basis with around 10 hours paid up front. Once those 10 hours are up, which will happen relatively quickly, you will receive a friendly phone call asking for more money. Most client/attorney relationships sour when these phone calls happen. Plus if the lawyer is charging you by the hour what incentive does the lawyer have to find the most reasonable and practical resolution to your case? The longer the case takes, the more expensive it is. There has to be a better way than the hourly model.

I work differently than other experienced family lawyers in Miami. I charge a flat fee for all legal representation. There is no hourly billing, so you know your legal costs up front and are not surprised by a hefty bill halfway through the case. The legal fee is dependent on the complexity of the case but it will in most cases be less expensive than the hourly rate model. After consulting with you, I will quote you a price for my services. Credit cards are accepted for all legal matters. Contact me today to discuss your particular situation and to schedule a one-hour in-depth office consultation. I will work with you to ensure that hiring a family lawyer in Miami does not add to your stress.