Advice and Legal Guidance for Miami Residents Accused of a Crime

After an arrest, many people feel as if their lives are suddenly in someone else’s hands. They are told what they need to do next, when to appear in court, and may even be in danger of losing their homes and jobs. It may be tempting just to “do what you are told” to get through the process and move on with your life; however, the people who are telling you what to do care little about your future.

Defending the Rights of Criminal Offenders in Miami-Dade County

When others only want to see you as an offender, our attorneys stand by you. People who have been accused of a crime still have rights and must be treated with respect throughout the course of their cases. Attorneys Antonio Jimenez and Denise Martinez-Scanziani will carefully examine the details of your case, explain the potential penalties, and give you the guidance you need toward the best possible outcome. Call 305-274-9033 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your free, confidential consultation.

We offer support and representation for many different cases involving:

What Our Miami Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Do for You

When it comes to legal action, there are no second chances. If your case is not well-prepared or adequately argued, you and your family could feel the consequences for years to come. Our attorneys handle all criminal defense cases as a team and work to resolve your case by:

  • Immediate intervention. Once you have been arrested, the prosecutor will attempt to interview all the parties involved, including any alleged victims—and if the prosecutor only hears one side of the story, you are already at a disadvantage. We step in on your behalf at this point to explain your side of the story and introduce any evidence on your behalf.
  • Mitigating sentencing. Your chances of winning your criminal case as much greater if you fight early than if you wait until the charges against you have been formally filed. Florida laws are particularly strict on drug and weapons offenses and can include mandatory minimum prison sentences of several years. However, there are a number of exceptions that can prevent you from being charged under these laws. We work to get the charges against you dropped, and if it is not possible, fight for the most lenient possible sentencing in your case.
  • Protecting your future. One of the main benefits of working with our attorneys is that the clearing of your criminal record is included in our criminal defense representation. If you hire us to represent you in court, we will waive the legal fees involved in clearing your record.

The sad truth is that it doesn’t matter how much you regret an error in judgment—the only thing that can help you after an arrest is a solid defense. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Jimenez intimately knows the details of the Miami-Dade County criminal court system and can anticipate the next steps that the prosecution may take in your case. Please contact us today for your free, confidential phone consultation. Our attorneys will be happy to explain what you can expect and what to do next to ensure the best outcome of your case.