Our Law Firm Has Experience Dealing With Domestic Violence Cases and Restraining Orders

If you have a domestic violence case, we can help you with that. In Miami-Dade, we see a lot of domestic violence cases arising out of disputes between a couple. The police will usually arrest someone if there is an injury involved and if law enforcement is called, and that someone can either be the female or the male in the situation — it doesn’t really matter.

At MSJ Law, we have experience dealing with domestic violence cases. We also have experience dealing with restraining orders or injunctions in Miami-Dade. We know how those cases are resolved. We have represented petitioners and have represented respondents, and we know what the standard of law is. Lately, it is becoming harder and harder for restraining orders to be granted. If you are the petitioner, you really have to establish that you are in imminent danger of being a victim of domestic violence or your life is at risk. It’s not like it used to be where you can file a restraining order, and it was going to get granted. The courts really want you to prove your case and be able to establish that your life is at risk.

We have handled those cases, and I have represented, personally, both sides (e.g., petitioners and respondents). I have been doing that for the past nine years, and before that when I was a prosecutor, I prosecuted individuals who violated their restraining orders. So I am intimately familiar with restraining orders and how to defend them and also how to prosecute them — how to establish the standard of proof. So it is really in your best interest to get an attorney who has the experience dealing with restraining orders, and when it comes to that matter, domestic violence cases — whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony.

My first year as a prosecutor, I was a domestic violence prosecutor. That’s all I did day in and day out as my first year as an attorney was to prosecute domestic violence cases. So I am intimately familiar and aware of how these domestic violence cases in Miami work. Whether it is a battery case, a stalking case, an assault case — whatever it may be — if it involves a family member or family unit, it is going to be considered domestic violence; including boyfriend girlfriend, which by legal standards is not a domestic violence case because they are not married or do not live together, but in Miami-Dade they are going to be treated as domestic violence.

If you have a domestic violence case or if you have a restraining order, or if you have both, definitely give us a call today for a free consultation so that we can get to the bottom of it and help you out with those cases.