Some of the Common Divorce and Family Law Cases Our Firm Handles

In our firm we handle everything including a relocation, where a parent wants to relocate with their child somewhere outside of where they are currently living. There is a relocation statute that deals very specifically with the factors that are required for a relocation, so we have to do a petition for a relocation. That is one area that we deal with in our office.

We also deal with paternity cases, where a father has a child born outside of marriage (or for that matter, a mother has a child born outside of marriage) and they want to establish the legal rights to the child — paternity, the parental rights. So the father or mother needs to file a petition to say that we want the court to recognize that this gentleman is the father of the child. Once the court recognizes that the father is the father of the child, then we establish time-sharing and child support, which is another area of the law.

One of the interesting things about family law that I have always found interesting is if you have a child born outside of marriage, the father doesn’t have the legal rights. You have to go to court and petition the court to give you those rights, and then once you have those rights you are able to argue for time-sharing (which is custody, but in Florida, it is now called time-sharing). So you can argue for time-sharing and then you can obviously litigate the child support, which is based on the guidelines — based on the income and expenses for the respective parties. So that is another area that we deal with.